The beloved Paddington director, Paul King has signed a deal which sees him take the helm of the sci-fi adaptation ‘Time’s Fool’.

King hasn’t strayed too far out of his filmmaking circle for backup on the project. Paddington scribe Jon Croker is on board to pen the script. Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts’ David Heyman is also on board to produce alongside King and Croker.

The film is based on the novel by Glyn Maxwell, the book’s darkly comic synopsis reads;

Stalled train, where Edmund Lea has been stuck for a very long time indeed. A late-twentieth-century, rail-borne reincarnation of the Flying Dutchman, Edmund remains eternally locked in his hellish circuit – with the exception of one day in every seven years, when the train pulls into his hometown, and he must attempt to unravel the nature of his curse.

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I’ve always been attracted to films which use magical ideas to explore real human emotions. And so when, one rainy afternoon, Jon poured me a cup of tea and told me the story of Time’s Fool, I was immediately hooked. It’s a captivating tale of wonder and heartbreak which sets the pulse racing and the imagination on fire. David, Jon and I will do our best not to mess it up,” said King.

After the runaway successes of both Paddington and its sequel, King has been in high demand. He is currently keeping himself busy with Disney project ‘Pinocchio’ and an origin story of Roald Dahl classic ‘Willy Wonka’.