Ghostbusters 3 is a movie which had been discussed for a number of years, and just when it looked like it was about to happen, the breaks were put on plans for the sequel and a reboot was announced instead.

Bridesmaids director Paul Feig is set to direct and is currently writing the movie with Katie Dipold.

In an interview featured in the latest issue of Empire Magazine, Feig was asked why he decided to reboot the franchise rather than developing a third instalment. “I have too much respect for the original one [to do a sequel]. There’s also the feeling that once the world knows ghosts and has seen them busted on such a large scale, they run the risk of becoming pedestrian. There’s something fun about introducing our world, which has never seen ghosts to the phenomenon of ghosts. I love origin stories and to introduce new characters.”

As for his decision to focus on an all-female cast of Ghostbusters, the filmmaker isn’t letting any of the negativity from longtime fans put a dampener on his plans “A lot of people accused it of being a gimmick. I guess I can see the cynics’ view of it, but for me I just love working with funny women. People said, ‘Why don’t you do a mix?’ I’m just more interested in the idea of lady Ghostbusters. It’s the way my brain works.”

A number of actresses have put themselves forward for a role in the movie or have even confirmed entering talks, but Feig makes it clear that he’s yet to make any firm decisions as the story comes together. “Right now, honestly, there could be 50 Ghostbusters. I’m just waiting to get our first draft of the script together to go, ‘Who makes sense in these roles?’ If I put the list in front of me of people that have said they want to do it, talk about a Sophie’s Choice. When you do a movie like Ghostbusters, people get very interested.”

“I want ours to be scarier than the original, to be quite honest,” he added when asked about the tone of this reboot. “Katie Dipold and I are so focused on wanting to do scary comedy. We don’t want to hold back.”

So, does that mean that his Ghostbusters movie will feature the same type of R-Rated laughs as many of his previous movies? Well, no, as Feig confirmed that the movie will be taking aim at a family friendly rating!

“The reason I do a lot of R-Rated comedies is that you want a movie to feel honest. But the Ghostbusters world doesn’t need that level of swearing. We’ll have to be PG-13 with this one. I would like to make it R-Rated, but I won’t. You want the biggest number of people to watch it and not be put off by it.”