With Paramount originally gearing up to get their previously lucrative Jack Ryan franchise back on track, two obstacles have now set things back.

Deadline is reporting that the studio are more focused on ensuring that their intended lead Chris Pine (who would be the forth actor to play the character) will be ready to fit into his Starfleet uniform later in the year for the second instalment of the Star Trek reboot, beforehand.

The new Ryan script is taking much longer than anticipated (original writer Steve Zaillian recently leaving on the project) and Paramount are keen to start production on Star Trek this autumn.

This would appear to be the more logical (sorry!) plan for the studio, although it remains a mystery why Paramount is even intent on resurrecting Jack Ryan. The last film (2002’s The Sum of All Fears) hardly reached giddy box-office heights, and the pervious features did far from Bond-like numbers.

They must be confident that a post-Star Trek Pine can really deliver on this now (arguably) outdated character.