While not necessarily renowned for his comedic capabilities, Orlando Bloom certainly injects some of his charisma into the role of Jack, in Michael Apted’s pertinent, political thriller Unlocked.

We sat down with Bloom to speak about the role, as he tells us much of what he did was improvised, granted the freedom from the experienced director to be creative with the role at hand. He also speaks about the importance in having films that reflect the modern world, and explains whether his approach to a character changes dependent on whether it’s steeped in realism or thriving in a more fantastical capacity. Which brings us to Pirates of the Caribbean – as we ask the man behind returning character Will Turner, just what fans of the franchise can expect from the forthcoming outing Salazar’s Revenge.

UnlockedWe also spoke to Apted on the very same afternoon, who spoke about how impressed he was with Bloom, despite evidently driving him up the wall.

“He was great, I encouraged him, I wanted him to do it [improvise]. He drove me mad, frankly, he questioned every moment, every line, but part of the art of doing this job is to get people to reveal themselves, so they reveal their emotion, something more than just what they’re saying, so whoever plays whatever role in any film, my documentary roots mean I try to find out who these actors are,” he said.

“So although he drove me mad, I really encouraged it, and I think he did a terrific job, because he is a funny guy, and a Jack-the-lad and he brought that to it, but in a really real way”.

Check out the full interview with Orlando Bloom below…

Unlocked is released on May 5th.