A little earlier today, a normally very reliable source (The Wrap) published a report claiming that Ryan Reynolds had shot a scene with Deadpool sequel director David Leitch for Logan.

No details about what that involved were revealed, but the site claimed it was likely an after-credits scene. As you might expect, fans got pretty excited about a Wolverine/Deadpool team-up even if it was just for a few seconds in a sequence thrown together for laughs.

Well, if you were one of them, then it may be time to accept that it’s not actually happening!

After both Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds debunked the report, Logan helmer James Mangold was quick to take aim at the trade. “For everyone freaking out, TheWrap is dealing in fake news. Chill,” he Tweeted. “Maybe TheWrap is the show biz Breitbart. Your story is OFFICIALLY WRONG, Umberto. You may have gotten a whisper of something going on, but it has nothing to do with my film. ‘TheWrap has not reported Deadpool & Logan would appear side-by-side.’ Cause Deadpool ain’t in the film, pal. Keep backtracking.” That’s…definitive!

We all know that actors and directors deny rumours like this all the time only for them to end up being correct, but Mangold is going to look pretty daft if the scene is there in March after so strongly debunking it and taking aim at The Wrap in such a harsh manner. As a result, it looks like we’re going to have to keep on waiting to see Wolverine and Deadpool together!