Nicolas Cage, Heather Graham and Stephen Dorff are set to star in the western ‘The Gunslingers’.

Written and directed by filmmaker Brian Skiba, the film will also star Costas Mandylor (Saw), Scarlet Stallone (Tulsa King), Tzi Ma (The Farewell), and Randall Batinkoff (Dead Man’s Hand).

The story is set in a rugged town named Redemption. Reformed gunslinger, Thomas Keller (Dorff) and mad genius Ben (Cage) are guided by spiritual leader Jericho (Mandylor) as they strive for vindication. Confronting his violent history, a brutal bar fight and deadly feud reignite between Thomas, Ben and the notorious Five Points Gang. Now baptised and reborn, Thomas grapples with fresh challenges, testing his newfound peace amidst a town steeped in secrets, violence, and a relentless quest for revenge.

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The project is produced by Batinkoff, Laurie Love (The 2nd, Dead Man’s Hand), and Skiba. Executive producers include Brilliant Pictures Sean O’Kelly (Deep Fear, Damascus Cover) and Marc Bikindou (Black Dahlia, Deception), together with Jad Ben Ammar (Sisters in Arms, Out of Nowhere), Michael Tadross Jr., ZTA Entertainment’s David Wolkoff and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Milestone Entertainment’s Alan B. Bursteen, Dawn Bursteen, and Grindstone’s Barry Brooker and Stan Wertlieb.