The casting of Nick Frost in a British salsa dancing comedy in itself sounds absolutely genius, and I’m already predicting that this will be one of the funniest films of next year.

Variety report that Cuban Fury has brilliantly cast its four leads in the form of Nick Frost, Rashida Jones, Chris O’Dowd, and Olivia Colman, with James Griffiths (Episodes) set to make his feature directorial debut from a script by Jon Brown (Misfits, Two Pints of Lager), similarly making his feature debut.

The film,

“is based on an original idea from Frost about a shabby, down-on-his-luck man (played by Frost) who reignites his long-dormant passion for salsa dancing thanks to a new-found love for his gorgeous American boss (played by Jones).”

So far, so awesome.

The film is being produced by Big Talk Pictures, whose films include Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Paul, and Attack the Block – essentially, some of the best and funniest films in the past decade, so very promising stuff. (They also started out working with Simon Pegg and Frost back on Spaced, through Big Talk Productions, before moving into film too.)

Speaking to Variety, Frost said that,

“the idea came out of his ”weird fear of dancing.”

”This fear spoilt my wedding,” he quipped. ”But this film will hopefully show that it’s not just about aesthetics and that you don’t have to look incredibly beautiful to be a good dancer.””

Cuban Fury will begin production here in the UK in seven weeks’ time, so here’s to hoping that we can look forward to an early 2013 release, because it sounds like this project is going to be brilliant.

Frost will next be seen in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman on 1st June, with Rashida Jones’ next role coming in the lead opposite Andy Samberg in Sony Pictures Classics’ Celeste and Jesse Forever, which is set to be released in the US on 3rd August – no UK release date for the latter just yet, but I’m really hoping we’ll be seeing it in the summer too, because that’s another great film to be looking forward to.