A whole host of actors including Andrea Riseborough, Jon Hamm, Nicholas Hoult, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mackenzie Davis, Sofia Boutella and Steven Yuen have jumped onboard the sci-fi comedy ‘Alpha Gang’.

The film will centre on aliens sent on a mission to conquer Earth. Armed and dangerous, they show no mercy — that is, of course, until they catch the human disease of emotion. Their plan for world domination is in danger of derailing once they start to feel joy, fear, empathy and love.

David and Nathan Zellner will direct and produce the feature which has been written by David. Adele Romanski and Sara Murphy of Pastel will be producing.

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“I’ve been wanting to make this film for a long time — a genre mashup of sci-fi, action and comedy,” said David Zellner. “Nathan and I couldn’t be more excited about the incredible cast joining us for this wild ride.”

Riseborough’s credits include TV’s ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Waco’, and films such as ‘The Kindness of Strangers’ and ‘The Grudge’.
Hamm was last seen in Clint Eastwood’s ‘Richard Jewell’, he will also star in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’.
Hoult can currently be seen in the TV series ‘The Great’ alongside Elle Fanning. He was last seen in ‘The Banker’ and ‘The True History of the Kelly Gang’.
Davis’ credits include ‘Tully’, ‘Blade Runner 2049’, and most recently ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’.