One of the most notable things about the EE BAFTA Rising Stars Awards was that the two British nominees, George MacKay and Will Poulter are old mates from their days at Harrodian School. Not only that, but the two have, in recent years, both worked with Dexter Fletcher; Poulter in Fletcher’s directorial debut Wild Bill, and MacKay in his follow up, Sunshine on Leith. 

“Dexter’s such a wonderful director, and I think directors that you get to work with influence you so much,” MacKay explained when HeyUGuys brought up Fletcher during the press launch, “I learned so much working with him, it really helped me.”

When we asked Poulter the same question, he gave a little information about the possibility of both him and MacKay reuniting with Fletcher, and uniting on screen, “We’re praying for the next Dexter Fletcher film to involve both of us,” he reveals, “There’s talk of it. There’s talk of me and George being in a film together, playing each other’s brother… in something down the line.”

He didn’t elaborate on what that something was, except to explain that it had nothing to do with Fletcher’s forthcoming Freddie Mercury biopic.

But of course, Fletcher does have another project that we know about. A couple of years ago, shortly after finishing Wild Bill, he revealed plans for a film called Provenance – a movie about a group of Londoners who settle in the Old West. It was originally intended as his follow up to Wild Bill, but then Sunshine on Leith happened, and with Fletcher now tied up for at least the next year with a movie about Queen, it had seemed Provenance was dead in the water.

We reached out to Fletcher for confirmation that this was the project Poulter was talking about, and he has confirmed to us that it is. So there you have it, Provenance is alive and well, and will likely feature Will Poulter and George MacKay as brothers.