Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty premiered at Cannes earlier in the year to largely a good reception, and the reviews that came out of the festival were certainly intriguing.

The first trailer debuted back in April ahead of its Cannes debut, and gave us an idea of how dark this dark erotic drama would be. And it showed what should be a powerful performance from leading actress Emily Browning and writer-director Leigh, who makes her debut with this film.

We were very lucky enough to be able to interview both Leigh and Browning (the former you can read here, and the latter will be going up tomorrow, so be sure to check back), and the interviews certainly make for very interesting reads.

Yahoo Movies have just put out a new trailer for the film, which is very similar to the first trailer we got a few months back, but with a few added clips and some of the complimentary words from reviewers following its reception at Cannes. The film comes out here in the UK this Friday, 14th October, but sadly from what I can see online, it only seems to be playing in a few select cinemas around the country. It’s a real shame, since it does look like an incredibly interesting project, and one that I’ll be trying to see for myself in the weeks to come. If it’s playing near a cinema near you, and you’re as intrigued by the trailer as me, then I’d definitely recommend you do the same. It should be a pretty powerful film. Without further ado, here’s the dark new trailer.