Another day, another nostalgia infused cartoon heading our way in glorious 3D.

This time it’s Hanna-Barbera’s Dibble-dodging feline Top Cat and following the announcement from Vertigo Films a few months ago that a big screen adaptation was coming our way there is a new trailer for you to endure/enjoy.

MSN debuted the trailer today and I got to see this on the big screen in front of Aardman’s The Pirates! last weekend and didn’t blow my mind and the 2D/3D took a moment to get used to.

If you care lots then here’s a synopsis for you,

A new tech-savvy police chief joins the force and not only threatens to retire bumbling Officer Dibble, but stop the feline antics in Hoagy’s Alley, once and for all.

Here’s your trailer TC fans,

Video: Top Cat – World Exclusive trailer

  • Uso

    Oh god…the animation is actually WORSE than it was in the original show! I’m not talking about style – the actual fluidity of the animation! This looks like an online cartoon, not a film!