I remember the trailer for The Happening like it was yesterday. I loved the slow burning madness in the eerie shots of crowds stopping dead in the middle of the day, then the bodies falling from the rooftops, I loved all that. It was a great trailer.

Sadly the film was abysmal, and this was the perfect example of a movie outdone by its own trailer, and M.Night Shyamalan’s stock fell as quickly as those construction workers. Now comes another trailer for M.Night’s next film, his live action adaptation of the acclaimed Nickleodeon animation The Last Airbender. And it’s looking pretty good.

This isn’t too far removed from the last trailer we saw and yet there’s a different feel to this one, and while it shares some of the spectacular shots which wowed a begrudging world, expectation is building for this one and it seems that Shyamalan has translated the excitement and scale of the series to the big screen pretty well.

The trailer is here, so take a look.

And here, just for fun, is the trailer for The Happening.