The Canyons PosterStarring Lindsay Lohan, porn star James Deen, and the great Gus Van Sant, Paul Schrader’s The Canyons is promising to be a very interesting film when it lands next year.

Written by Bret Easton Ellis, the first teaser trailer landed online last month, teasing a very indie noir/old school, and now the latest trailer has debuted online, giving us a better look at the film, and a first at some of its dialogue.

“THE CANYONS is a contemporary L.A. noir from director Paul Schrader, writer Bret Easton Ellis, and producer Braxton Pope about the dangers of sexual obsession and ambition, both personally and professionally, among a group of young people in their 20’s and how one chance meeting connected to the past unravels all of their lives, resulting in deceit, paranoia, cruel mind games and ultimately violence.”

Starring alongside Lohan, Deen, and Van Sant will also be Nolan Gerard Funk (Riddick), Amanda Brooks (Dragon Wars), and Tenille Houston (Dark Highway).

The project was partly funded through KickStarter, with Schrader, Ellis, and producer Braxton Pope (Hirokin) opting to go outside of the studio system for the micro-budgeted indie to get the film made.

The Canyons is currently without a release date, but was screened for the people at Sundance (ahead of sound mixing and adr, etc.), so here’s to hoping that it went down well for the people choosing the festival’s programme, and we might be seeing it arrive in Utah at the start of next year. For now, here’s the new trailer for the film. Enjoy.

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