Cristian Solimeno’s forthcoming film The Glass Man has been on our radar for a while now, the independent British thriller has Andy Nyman, James Cosmo and Neve Campbell as its leads and is currently shooting in London.

The Facebook page for the film continues as the place to be when it comes to updates with new stills released all the time, and tonight they pointed me to the film’s official website which had a sparkly new trailer to show off.

Featuring more Neve Campbell, this trailer expands on the premise as teased in our first look at the film, that of a man whose past catches up with him in the form of debt collector James Cosmo who turns up one night to claim his debt one way or another. Cosmo remains a truly terrifying presence particularly when set against Nyman’s obsequious failed banker and as you’ll see from the new trailer there’s an excellent mix of the terrifying and a decent line in gallows humour. Things, it seems, will not end well come the morning light.

The official site has the trailer which I can’t embed so head on over to check it out.

Oh, and something I spotted…

…and despite a thriving cottaging industry in the public toilets a few streets away nothing exciting every happened like shotguns and shouting. Probably for the best really.