malificen 2

If Angelina Jolie was going to took on the role of a popular cartoon character, we figure she would have been a perfect Jessica Rabbit. Sadly this is not the case, but as more and more footage is unveiled of her titular character we can’t help but get excited in seeing how she plans to bring the rancorous fairy to life.

It’s amazing what a bit of music can do to enhance a films appeal. Lana Del Ray provides a dreary reimagining of the classic ‘Once Upon a Dream’ from the original Disney film Sleeping Beauty. Her raspy voice gives Maleficent’s presence much more of a sultry and demanding attitude – in a sense she’s a much darker Jessica Rabbit. The ominous dreary rendition of the fairytale song contrasted with the gothic scenery sets the tone for a moodier and grim interpretation from director Robert Stromberg.


Fans of the original Sleeping Beauty film will be thrilled to see all the synonymous imagery of the fairytale come to life in this outing – from spinning wheels, the 3 good fairies and Maleficent’s (Loki-styled) antler hairdo. But Stromberg is known for his Oscar-winning art direction work on Avatar and Alice in Wonderland so it looks like Maleficent may be a style-over-substance flick rather than an homage to the 1959 feature.

Whatever the outcome is, the latest trailer has certainly amped up the films likeability factor.