It’s Valentine’s day, so you’ll either be drawn to this like a lovestruck moth finding its perfect flame or run a mile as it’s the romantic comedy with the odd name again, and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen has a trailer and a poster to recommend itself this evening.

What this film has going for it is director Lasse Hallström who can, although not always conjure a decent soulful romance (think Chocolat) or a snog-by-the-numbers fest (think Dear John) but everyone likes Emily Blunt (don’t think of Gulliver’s Travels) and Ewan McGregor (currently in cinemas with his 3D Phantom Menacing) can also turn in a good performance if his heart is in it. Plus Kristen Scott Thomas is also in it so we’ve guaranteed some waspish wit if nothing else.

This is colourful new poster, which has the dreaded phrase ‘feel-good’ plastered over it which lost all its meaning to a cynic like me when Slumdog Millionaire’s marketers used that for their film.

Click here to see what all the fuss is about trailer-wise. I’m still not sure about this one – could be a big surprise.

 Yahoo Movies had the trailer, Digital Spy had the poster so a big thank you to them.