Any film which has Jim Broadbent as Father Christmas has my attention, and throw the name of Aardman Animation into the ring and there’s a ninety percent chance of heavy anticipation.

Arthur Christmas is Aardman’s latest, with James McAvoy, Imelda Staunton, Bill Nighy and Hugh Laurie lending their voices to the production with Peter Baynham aiding director Sarah  Smith with the script. Decent talent therefore, which makes this new trailer a touch disappointing.

It’s not that the character designs aren’t appealing, nor that the voices don’t suit the characters we see – and bear in mind that this is specially created trailer and doesn’t contain any footage from the film as far as I can see – it’s just seems a little uninspired. I like the idea of Full Metal Wrapping Paper army of elves as much as the next man but I’d rather see some magic on screen rather than a knowing nod to teaser traildom.

I’m still looking forward to it, just would like to be hit with the festive. 11th of November is fast approaching…

Trailer and poster follow,

Get ready to applaud loudly and sing songs of praise to IMPA for the poster.