It’s been a Star Wars kind of day here on HeyUGuys, kicking off the Monday morning blues with the news that Peter Cushing might be back in Star Wars: Rogue One via the morbid magic of CGI, now we have some other images to further tantilise and excite.

First up we have an instagram picture uploaded by none other than Donnie Yen, he of the recently announced cast of Gareth Edwards’ Star Wars story Rogue One. Here he reveals what look to be two new designs of stormtrooper helmet, posing alongside the familiar OT design.

Speculation online has it that the black helmet on the left might be our first instance of the elite Shadow Troopers making an official appearance. The SAS of the Empire in essence, the Shadow Troopers are part of the now-discarded EU, but whose inclusion in Edwards’ film would make a lot of sense considering the enormous importance of the Rebels’ mission.

The helmet on the right looks like a modified Scout trooper design, maybe a Sand Trooper given the flip down visor – whatever it is, it looks pretty cool.

Then onto a new reveal from Empire, whose Star Wars covered issue is out soon – below is a new image of Kylo Ren gardening.

Kylo Ren Empire Picture

Again, it’s all speculation but the background looks very similar to the moss-strewn castle exterior we’ve glimpsed in the Vanity Fair photographs and the Comic-Con behind the scenes clip.

Is it December yet?