As with any big comic book film press reveal, last week’s first official look at Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man has provoked a number of different responses. Yet it is Spidey’s wrists that have been drawing the most attention from fans, with the presence of two metal bumps posing an intriguing plot question – will this reboot see the return of the hero’s artificial web-shooters?

In the original comic books, Peter Parker’s run in with a radioactive spider may have bestowed him with his wall crawling abilities, but it was his scientific know-how that produced his web slinging skills, making use of an artificial compound and some custom made web shooters.  Thinking this technological expertise to be too unbelievable, Sam Raimi famously replaced this idea with organic web that fired from the hero’s wrists, but could this be set to change for Marc Webb’s new Spidey universe?

“It’s a device,” Emma Stone confirmed to MTV News when questioned about the metallic fixtures on Garfield’s costume before the Golden Globes.  Though this could simply alluding to some sort of aperture or aiming mechanism designed to facilitate organic web, our bets are on the new film taking things back to basics… through the use of highly complex applied science. What do you think?

For more from Emma Stone, check out MTV’s red carpet interview below:

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