When amateur photography offered our first on set look of the new Spider-Man costume in its entirety last week, it’s fair to say that not everybody was impressed.  The material looked strangely shiny, its bright colours providing an odd contrast to the darker hues of the official Andrew Garfield promo shot, and what were those things on his feet? Spidey sneakers?!

Yet it seems that hope is not lost. Whether it was due to the awkward freeze frame of Spidey’s running or simply the quality of the camera, those shots offer no bearing how great today’s look.  Perhaps we’ve just gotten used to things, but the latest set images (more of Garfield’s stuntman taking part in a suspected car chase) hold a lot of promise. Our hero looks lean and ready for action, his suit seems only half as gaudy and – most excitingly of all – he’s doing some web swinging!

In these well captured shots of some impressive stunt work, we now have evidence that this Spidey incarnation will be making use of practical effects for some of its high flying action.  The weird shoes might still be there, but there’s always a chance that the stuntman’s costume may differ from Garfield’s. And if these photos mean there’ll be less dodgy CGI shots of Spidey carrying his love interest to safety, then we’re all for it.

The new Spider-Man film, directed by Marc Webb, will star Andrew Garfield, Rhy Ifans, Emma Stone and Denis Leary. The 3D release is planned for July 2012. Check out the new pictures below (click to enlarge).

Source: Collider, with images compiled from Marie Clare and On Location Vacations.