With the filming of Bond 23 aka Skyfall now stationed in Istanbul a number of images and videos have surfaced from the shoot and this one, which was tweeted all over the place and found on this site, shows Daniel Craig and his Stuntman clone filming a trainbound action set piece.

Ok, it won’t blow your mind, but there’s enough of a decent peek for those of you who a) want to see as much DC as possible and b) who like looking at famous people in peril or maybe c) trainspotters who wandered here confused with a pickled onion sandwich in one hand and a thermos of hot lava in the other.

The production team on Sam Mendes’ film have already served up a number of these new fangled videoblogs from the set and while this isn’t as polished it’s still nice to see how these things get made.

Here’s the video,

Daniel Craig Films Daring Stunt for New James Bond Movie ‘Skyfall’