Say what you like (or rather what you didn’t like) about the big screen collision of Sex and The City, it made a ton of cash and never one to look a gift horse in the mouth (sorry) New Line are ramping up the marketing for the sequel and there’s a new poster just released.

You’ve probably seen the images, you may even have liked the first trailer, but this new poster is all about the glitter and glam of the quartet of clothes horses (sorry, again) and there is nothing subtle about this poster which you can see below. I am very troubled by Sarah Jessica Parker’s eyes though – there’s something of the Medusa about her in this Photoshop creation.

I know SATC is a divisive movie, some people really hated the vacuousness of the feature length handbag advert, others quite liked it – me, I actually liked some of the series and though I’m so far from the demographic of this one I’ll retain an open mind when it rolls around in May of this year.