Last month I was out in L.A. for a special event at 20th Century Fox for Rise of the Planet of the Apes and had the chance to see how the film was progressing.

We heard from the director Rupert Wyatt and WETA’s Joe Letteri about the challenges of bringing the creatures to the screen, and we saw some phenomenal work in progress footage, some of which was recently included in the new trailer for the film.

Rupert Wyatt and his visual effects partners from WETA went through hours of documentary and scientific footage as part of their research and we were invited to see some of what they saw. Some of it was eerie, some of it was very surprising, and Fox have put it out on Youtube and the results are below.

We also have some new concept art and a still from the film for you lucky people. The more I see of the film the more I like its chances of surprising everyone this summer.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes research videos

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Here’s the gallery of stills and concept art, click then to go huge.