SlashFilm recently got hold of some new images from Scott Stewart’s (Legion) upcoming post-apocalyptic drama, Priest.

These images come a week before Comic-Con, therefore Screengems are supposedly hoping they pump up the anticipation levels. These images follow the first official image and a few set pictures, which you can see here.

Priest stars Paul Bettany (Wimbledon), who previously worked with Stewart on the hugely disappointing Legion, as a warrior Priest who disobeys Church law in order to hunt down a group of vampires who’ve kidnapped his niece.

The film also features appearances from Karl Urban (Star Trek), Christopher Plummer (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), Alan Dale (Lost) and Maggie Q (Die Hard 4.0). It’s an adaptation of the Tokyopop manga by Hyung Min-woo.

In a similar vein to Legion, the film deals with themes of death, supernatural warrior Gods, vampires, violence and horror. However, if compared to Legion, Priest looks the superior of the two films, with the images showing a more polished, cooler film.

Check out the images below.