The more I see of Robert Rodriguez’s reinventing of the Predators franchise the more I like it. With the numerous featurettes and images released I wonder how much director Nimrod Antal and co. are holding back, but if you’ve seen the trailer then you’ll have a pretty good idea if you’re looking forward to this one.

In this new image we see Adrien Brody as Royce, Walter Goggins as Stans and Alice Braga as Isabelle looking at something nasty in the distance, and while it’s not the most exciting of images it’s all about building up the anticipation for the film which opens in the US on the 9th of July and the UK a few weeks later on the 22nd.

I’d rather see Danny Trejo sticking a Predator or two on the end of a rusty pole but that’s just me, and I’m hoping the film will make good on its promises.

MTV had this one first, and good for them.