I’ve not seen Jennifer Lopez in anything for a while but that is about to change with her new movie, The Back-Up Plan being released in cinemas 19th March 2010. Click the poster to enlarge.

The Back-Up Plan also stars Eric Christian Olsen, Michaela Watkins, Noureen DeWulf, Melissa McCarthy and Danneel Harris and is directed by Alan Poul.

It tells he tale of Zoe (Lopez), a single professional who’s biological clock is ticking. She hasn’t found Mr. Right, but is ready to start a family so she goes to extreme measures to begin the process. First, she asks one her closest male friends to “donate” to her cause but he declines, which leads her to the next logical step, the sperm bank. After she’s implanted and pregnant she accidentally stumbles upon the man of her dreams, Stan (O’Loughlin).

Unaware of her condition, Stan begins to date Zoe and eventually falls in love with her. As time progresses and her pregnancy symptoms continue to get worse, Zoe spills the beans about her baby and Stan is understandably shocked. The couple go on a journey of preparation for the impeding child, and fall more in love along the way.