Kevin Smith is continuing to put a lot of material out there regarding his latest film, Red State, a horror film about religious fanaticism in the US. If you click here you can catch up on the increasing avalanche of posters, stills and trailers from this intriguing and edgy project.

The latest poster to hit the interweb is in a similar vein to this one from a week or so ago and this one from last December, this time focusing on the character of Mordechai.

I have to confess to really liking the look of this one, at least from the tone and style of the trailer and publicity material, however Smith’s output of late has dropped off considerably in quality and critical acclaim since the heady days of Clerks and Chasing Amy. As always, we will see.

This latest poster comes from Spinoff Online who bid for the rights to share it after donating $850 to South East Queensland flood relief cause in less than 30 minutes.

Click the poster to enlarge.