Jon and I have now been running HeyUGuys for around 16 months and throughout that time, we always try and have a benchmark of things as to when we’d have ‘made it’ in the movie industry! First came screenings, then a premiere, then getting our name on a poster. Well, the latter has now happened in the form of new British horror movie, CUT. Check it out, our name is on the poster!! Woop woop!

CUT is directed by Alexander Williams and stars Zach Galligan, Danielle Lloyd, Simon Phillips, Michael Socha, and Dominic Burns. The thing that makes this movie special is that the entire feature has been filmed in one take with one camera throughout.

My review of the movie will be online tomorrow so make sure you check back to view it.

CUT is released on DVD this coming Monday, 8th March and you can click the image below to enlarge.