We’re very close to sitting back in our cinema seats and letting Christopher Nolan’s latest wash over us, and the hype which accompanies this one is teetering on the brink of hyperbole.

Nolan fans have emerged as a particularly rabid sort, with their love of the twisted narratives and gloomy tone and while the director has kept tight lipped as to the particulars of his latest, each new trailer, poster or tv spot reveals a little bit more.

Now there’s a tiny bit more to see in this new TV spot, which features Ellen Page and Leonard DiCaprio sitting by a cafe after ordering a cafe au bomb.

Before you dive in, here’s a diverting Korean poster.

Here’s the latest TV spot, which is filmed on shakey-video-phone-o-vision, enhancing the dream like liquidity of the content. Or something.

Go to The Playlist. Go on. They had this first.