Garrett-Hedlund-and-Kristen-Stewart-in-On-the-RoadThough the Twilight Saga has reached its finishing point (finally), fans of K-Stew won’t have to wait too long before they get to see her once again flash her angsty take on Derek Zoolander’s Blue Steel once more.  Stewart’s newest endeavor puts her under seasoned Director Walter Salles as together they bring Jack Kerouac’s On The Road to the big screen.

A new image for the film has recently surfaced, and though it looks identical to the millions of pre-Twilight press pics that we’ve seen over the past few years, I can only hope that Brazilian BAFTA vet Salles will be able to do what hordes of other Directors could not–get Kristen Stewart to deliver a performance that at least rivals that of the Kim Cattrall’s plastic body double in Mannequin.

“After the death of his father, Sal Paradise, an aspiring New York writer, meets Dean Moriarty, a wild and infectiously charismatic ex-con. They hit it off immediately. Determined to avoid the pitfalls of a narrow, prescribed life, Sal hits the road, joining Dean on what evolves into a life-changing physical and emotional odyssey. Thirsting for freedom, they discover the world, the ecstasy of experience, the connectedness of humanity and ultimately themselves.”

On the Road will be released in the US in a limited engagement on 21st December, giving it an Oscar-qualifying run before opening wide in January 2013. See the new pic below: