Ok. This isn’t the most impressive poster you’ll see in your life, but it does its job well enough.Thus you’ll know that MIB Cubed with be out in May of this year IN 3D.

Twitterer RIMMK7 (via Coming Soon) released this one to the world and surely an official release in a higher res is due any moment now, but until then you’ve got this – a fairly standard poster with perhaps the worst tag line in year unless there’s a bit cut off the top. Perhaps ‘Forget about Men in Black 2 and go…’, or possibly, ‘It’s the same as the first one only…’?

There’s really telling if this will echo the death knell of the second Men in Black film or if the third instalment in the series will be a return to form, though the world is a very different place now, in 1997 The X-Files and assorted alienalia really was riding the zeitgeist, and the first film benefited greatly from this.

That said, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones had a fun chemistry and the addition of Josh Brolin into the mix should continue that. I’ve got no feeling either way on this one (could you tell?) Anyhow – here’s the poster,