With its recent cinematic re-release and shiny Blu-ray box set flying off shelves Back to the Future is firmly back in the public consciousness and with the moratorium on anything even approaching a remake or reboot looking to be permanent there’s something interesting on the horizon for those who want more time with Hill Valley’s finest.

Telltale games have been working on a new video game adventure played out over a series of five episodes set after the Back to the Future films with players controlling Marty McFly as he and Doc Brown travel through time on PC, Mac, PS3 and iPad.

Three new pictures emerged today to whet appetites, and in this they succeed completely.

We spoke to co-creator Bob Gale, whose involvement with the game, along with the return of Christopher Lloyd in the role of Doc Brown, lends the game a credible link to the original movies, and he was very excited at the prospect,

The video game thing is an interesting avenue for us to explore alternate Back to the Future realities – and the budget is obviously a whole lot less than it would take to make a new movie, so it’s a way of giving the real fans something new about Back to the Future which we hope will be in the spirit of the three movies.

IGN had their hands on the pics and also have an interview with Telltale’s Mike Stemmle, who talked more about the game,

The story in the game is completely new, set several months after the events of the third movie from Marty’s perspective. Of course, this is a story that involves time travel, so who knows where it’ll end up? We’re working with Bob Gale to make sure we’re delivering an authentic experience. There’ll be numerous recognizable elements of course – the Hill Valley town center, the clocktower, the DeLorean, Doc’s lab, and quite a bit more. And you’ll see them in ways you haven’t experienced before.

Here are the pics,

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