We were treated to a fifteen minute preview of Zack Snyder’s CG owl epic Legend of the Guardians recently and the treats on show made a convert out of our man Gary, and these new TV spots give us a series of brief peeks further into Snyder’s family friendly CG world.

You’ve probably seen the trailers, posters and all the rest of the marketing for this film, and these TV spots offer  much the same. It’s still looking like Lord of the Rings with owls but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It looks gorgeous, it’s still a little odd to see owls talking but with the second spot in particular appealing directly to kids I think Snyder’s film will do very well indeed at the box office.

Here are the spots, looking good eh?

The US get this in a month’s time and we in the UK are grounded until the 15th of October.

A big amount of thank goes to Trailer Addict.