We were lucky enough to sit down with the director of Lebanon, Samuel Maoz, last month to promote the release of his film here in the UK.

The interview is here and is really worth a watch as Maoz was a gracious interviewee, intent on stepping aside from the praise which has been heaped upon him since the release of his film, seeking to focus the attention on the struggle Lebanon depicts.

Our review is online here and along with the UK trailer, we were very keen to promote this unflinching film, whose claustrophobia (nearly all of the film takes place within the cramped confines of a three man tank) and stark depiction of the harsh reality of the 1982 war makes for compelling, if uncomfortable, viewing.

Today saw the release of a new trailer for the film, which you can watch below, and our advice is to seek out this film as soon as you can.

It was Yahoo who saw fit to give this trailer to the waiting world.