Not long now before the mighty Scott Pilgrim goes up against the World (or the Seven Evil Exes to be pedantic) and with each new trailer or image Pilgrim Pilgrims get more and more excited about this film.

And there’s good reason for this – Edgar Wright appears to have got this comic book adaptation just right and when the film is released at the end of August here in the UK (or if you were quick this morning – it’s playing at Movie Con 3 a week or so earlier) we’ll all get our chance to see if Wright and Michael Cera have truly got their Geek on.

There’s a new International poster out today, and it looks all kinds of awesome, with Ramona and Scott taking centre stage under the shadow of the seven evil exes. If you have no idea what we’re on about, click here for all of our Scott Pilgrim coverage.

Here’s the poster – like everything else we’ve seen so far it is spot on. Sometimes the marketing people get things just right.

This poster was unveiled at Empire towers.