Ok, I finally cracked and have started reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and it’s quite a fun page-turner at the moment (Katniss has just fired an arrow at some judges and it’s all very tense, etc) and I can see exactly why this trilogy is being hailed as the new Twilight by marketing executives.

Knowing that the books are being adapted for the big screen has the disorienting effect of the various actors appearing in my own personal version of the story, and though the character of Haymitch seemed quite similar to the crazy guy Woody Harrelson played in 2012 my mental image is complete as we have our first look at both Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz as the stylist Cinna in these new pictures from the film.

Movieweb (via The Playlist) gave us a look at the images, some of which have been glimpsed before and I have to say I’m rather looking forward to seeing a) how the book turns out and b) if the film does as well as is hoped.

Here are the pics, click to make them all big,