While we have to date enjoyed the big reveal of Captain America as played by Chris Evans, other members of the film’s cast still loiter in relative obscurity.

French website Les Toiles Heroiques (via ComingSoon) have posted images of Sebastian Stan’s Bucky, HYDRA troops and Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull prior to his transformation, originally published in the French edition of Premiere.

Speaking to Premiere (and later translated back into English), Chris Evans explained that he had not in fact signed a nine film deal, as originally reported.

“To be honest, it was quite intimidating to commit to nine films in a row. Thankfully, we reduced the number to six… If all goes as planned, I will be playing Captain America until I’m 40.”

The fourth, better quality image comes courtesy of The LA Times. The character, who develops into the Winter Warrior in the Marvel comics, has undergone a slight transformation according to director Joe Johnson.

“We took some liberties with the relationship between the two guys. In our story, Bucky is already in the service, he’s already joined up and is being sent overseas while Steve is still struggling to get in the army. That’s different than what you may have read in the comics. It adds a nuance to the relationship that pays off later. They’re closer in age, too — they’re virtually the same age.”

With Captain America having as yet taken a back seat to Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, it looks as though the film’s publicity campaign is about to swing into action. Slated to hit cinemas on July 22nd in both 2D and 3D, Captain America: The First Avenger will soon be everywhere, party supplies included (via comicbookmovie.com).