So here he is – the first Avenger in all his patriotic glory! Chris Evan in full Captain America garb (sans helmets) adorns the front cover of the March issue of Empire. Excited yet?

There seems to have been little fanfare over this Marvel property so far. Director Joe Johnson is hardly up there with the Sam Raimi’s of the world in terms of fanboy adulation, but as any admirers of his earlier films (The Rocketeer and October Sky, respectively) can attest, he has a good eye for period fantasy-tinged filmmaking and Cap’s look here has a wonderful retro feel about it. Even the image of Evan with the famous helmet on looks surprisingly feasible for the era in which the film is set.

When discussing visual cues for this film in previous interviews, Johnson has expressed his love of Raiders of the Lost Art. If he can even work a little of that magic in Captain America, we could be in for a real treat.

Now bring on the trailer!