Here’s a new picture of Andrew Garfield in the Spidey suit, and it’s still a little disconcerting that there’s a new Spider-Man film coming out so soon after the last lot but I’m a huge fan of Garfield and placing Emma Stone in the movie is another good move from Marc Webb and his Sony Cronies.

Comic Book Movie found the image from EW floating around the murky waters of the internet and having peeked inside have plucked a few choice quotes from Garfield, cheif amongst them are that this version will be:

more gritty

Of course it will. But he goes on to say,

I related to Peter Parker so much because I felt like someone else inside…I loved the comic books and the animated TV series and I even dressed up as Spider-Man as a kid.

Animated TV series? Could he possibly mean…

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Anyhoo – Rhys Ifans is The Lizard and for Spider-(lay)men like me that means precisely nothing. but expect a trailer to be online next week.

Right, here’s the pic