A new image from Sarah Polley’s sophomore directorial offering This Is Waltz has surfaced online (via EW).

The film stars Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen as a married couple of five years, following Williams’ character as she meets another man (Tell Me You Love Me’s Luke Kirby as Seth) on a business trip.

When it turns out that Seth lives just across the street from Margot (Williams) and Leo (Rogen), the two begin an awkward flirtation which threatens to become something more.

The film, which shot in Toronto over the summer, also stars comedienne Sarah Silverman as Leo’s sister. Due for release in 2011, the film’s current time-frame does not rule out an appearance at Sundance Film Festival, where her directorial début Away From Her played in 2007.

While adamant that the film is not autobiographical, Sarah Polley, who also wrote the script, said of Williams’ character “[she] is terrified of changing planes, for instance. It’s a really weird phobia I have.”

Reported by Steven Neish