We’ve been told that the movies based on the novels by Suzanne Collins will be the next franchise to reach the dizzy, and very profitable, heights of the Potter and Twilight series and until we get to see Gary Ross’s adaptation of The Hunger Games all we have to go on is the huge fanbase and their love for the books.

Lionsgate are clearly savvy enough to know that in adapting these books they have to a) please the fans and b) welcome in people who haven’t read the novels so a decent cast is necessary to pull in audience familiar and unfamiliar with the struggles of Katniss Everdeen. Casting Jennifer Lawrence was a good start, and if you’ve not seen the rest of the cast in their finery then get yourself over to this post which has all our new friends in suitably moody profiles.

The image originally came from Business Insider which, as well as containing the new picture of Lawrence as Katniss, sources an interesting Bloomberg article detailing the financial implications of The Hunger Games and the, rather obvious, hopes to make ‘three or four films’. It’s worth a read once you’ve sated your Hunger Games hunger with this new image.

We’ve now been sent the high resolution version which I’ve placed below.