Following their collaboration on the poorly received Legion, Paul Bettany and director Scott Stewart have reunited with another religious themed horrorshow for their take on Hyung Min-woo’s comic series Priest, which at its heart is a blend of cowboys, vampires and a host of hellbent craziness.

A behind the scenes clip surfaced a few months ago but the trail went cold until today when a single image from the film appeared online.

Bettany stars with Karl Urban, Christopher Plummer, Brad Dourif, Maggie Q and Cam Gigandet and in Entertainment Weekly director Stewart is quoted thusly,

In our world, priests are like Jedi Knights with special powers and training.

Our vampires are more feral and disturbing than, say, the teen-angst vampires of Twilight or the sexy vampires of True Blood. Those vampires are metaphors. Ours aren’t.

That’ll be news to True Blood star Stephen Moyer who also appears in the film.

Here’s the image, let’s hope there’s more in our future.

MovieWeb pointed us to EW who had this first. We’re like an internet version of the Human Centipede aren’t we?