We’ve championed the outstanding Let The Right One In on the site, and news of the inevitable English language adaptation of the John Ajvide Lindqvist novel made us more than a little sad.

Yet we’re curious at the first images coming from the production, and the first official still to emerge is encouraging to those who loved the Swedish film of last year.

The L.A. Times have a very interesting interview with director Matt Reeves in which he deals with the poisoned chalice of post Cloverfield expectation, and he concludes with this,

In the same sense I want the photography to have this kind of messy realism, to be beautiful but gritty..I want the effects to feel believable. I want people to think back later and say, ‘I don’t even know if that’s an effect.’ I don’t want anything that pulls you out.

Beautiful and gritty? I can get behind that, and if you’re at all familiar with the Swedish version you’ll know the effectiveness of a deliberately slow pace, and Reeves goes on,

It’s not going to feel like a movie with a crazy number of effects. It’s, hopefully, going to feel like an intimate coming-of-age story.

Which is exactly what made Let The Right One In so compelling, and it really is the key to the film. Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Moretz are pictured below in a scene which was a favourite from the first film.

Whatever happens, do seek out the original before this one hits the big screen.