The third season of The Walking Dead will start airing on AMC in the US later this month, and the anticipation is naturally running on high.

The small-screen adaptation of the comic book series has been one of the strongest programmes in a long time, consistently remaining mind-blowingly awesome throughout.

With the premiere of the new season coming next Sunday, we’ve got a new hi-res look at one of my favourite characters in the show, Norman Reedus’ Daryl. The image is one that surfaced last month, but it’s always nice to see things in higher resolution.

The Walking Dead will begin its third season with the first episode, Seed, airing next Sunday, 14th October, at 9/8c on AMC. Here in the UK, it will kick off on FX a little later on Friday, 19th October, at 10. For now, here’s the excellent new look at Reedus, who is just brilliant in everything he does. As usual, you can click through to enlarge.