The intriguing visuals of Martin Campbell’s take on DC’s Green Lantern, glimpsed in a few promotional images and the first trailer, are doing a great deal to interest those who perhaps are tiring of the CG superhero slew which made up a big part of the last few years of cinema.

As well as a neat visual identity the cast is phenomenal, with Mark Strong, Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett lining up alongisde Ryan Reynolds to bring this story to life. The backstory for The Green Lantern is relatively complicated but this new image shows off Hal Jordan (our Mr. Reynolds)’s mentor in the Green Lantern gang, Tomar-Re and what a splendid looking chap he is too.

The Daily Blam, aside from having a great name, gave us this image and have this to say about the man/birdface himself,

Growing up on the planet Xudar, Tomar-Re comes from a peaceful avian race that focuses their efforts on the arts and sciences instead of war. His nature to examine everything has led the Guardians of the Universe to appoint him the archivist and protector of the sacred Book of Oa. When not studying the nature of the Corps, Tomar-Re patrols the sector of 2813 where he developed a close friendship with neighboring sector 2814’s Green Lantern, Abin Sur. Tomar has taken an interest in Abin’s replacement, Hal Jordan. Though Hal is not one for details, Tomar hopes to teach Hal what it means to be a Green Lantern.

Here’s your picture Lanternites,