It may be in French but let’s face it, we don’t watch Transformers for the dialogue do we? We watch it for the Bayhem and this new French teaser trailer features plenty of that!

This third instalment has the title Transformers: Dark of the Moon and is directed by Michael Bay and stars Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, John Malkovich, Patrick Dempsey, Ken Jeong, John Turturro, Frances McDormand, Peter Cullen and Tyrese Gibson.

Synopsis: Shia LaBeouf returns as Sam Witwicky in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. When a mysterious event from Earth’s past erupts into the present day it threatens to bring a war to Earth so big that the Transformers alone will not be able to save us.

As the poster suggests, the movie will hit both US and UK cinemas on 1st July.

Source: Allocine with a nod to ComingSoon.

  • Zahrinaziz

    Fuh~ Patrick Dempsey and John Malkovich, one word EPIC!