Ever wondered what life would be like as an American G.I. at the height of World War II and being given your orders by a sour-faced Tommy Lee Jones? Of course you have. More importantly, though, do you want to see new footage of Marvel’s First Avenger throwing his shield, presumably at some dastardly Nazis? Of course you do – and you’ve come to the right place for both!

Though it can sometimes be hard not to cringe at Entertainment Tonight’s promotional style (remember that voice-over which made The Lovely Bones sound like some sort of action packed zombie revenge epic?), there’s also no denying that they get their hands on some great stuff. This Captain America footage is no exception. A fast montage of clips, it provides several great “blink and you’ll miss it” moments, including the first shot of Cap throwing his trademark shield.

The previews of this period-piece-cum-superhero-epic continue to hold great promise and with only 4 months until due date, things will soon be set into overdrive. Excited? We know we are. Check out the video below, and there may be a full trailer coming our way soon, so your eyes on HeyUGuys

Captain America: The First Avenger is directed by Joe Johnston and stars Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving and JJ Feild. It’ll be with us 29th July.

Source: ComicBookMovie.com, with thanks to Cinema Blend for the top quality video.