Another poster for the latest in the film series that keeps on escaping death, (the probably not Final at all) Final Destination 5 gets a new poster with a skull on it – death you see? Clever.

More death defying teens find themselves lining up to die in convoluted fashion after escaping a suspension bridge collapse, which is why this new poster has a whole bridge/skull thing going on. We’ve already seen a previous poster with a similar nails/skull thing, so expect some DIY in there somewhere.

I know, hard to get excited after the genuinely inventive and fun first film found itself lumbered with a growing gaggle of idiot sequels with the last film finding new depths of quality. The 26th of August is when we’ll get our chance to see if this is the series saviour.


Rejected poster designs.

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream!
Death Blows.
You're Toast etc...

Big bloody thanks to Bloody Disgusting.