Wasn’t the last one called The Final Destination? With proof that you can’t keep a good death down, the poster for Final Destination 5 has arrived online (courtesy of Yahoo).

The second of the series to be shot in 3D, you all know the drill by now. This time, death goes after a group of people who avoid becoming victims of a terrible accident when a suspension bridge collapses.

These films have proved to be a very lucrative franchise indeed. The Final Destination topped both the UK and US charts on release and made $186.5 million in total, worldwide.

Quality-wise, it’s been a case of diminishing returns for the last two or three, and if the lack of imagination on display here with this poster is a reflection of the film (it looks like a rejected design for last year’s The Expendables), it may be time to finally call it quits on any future Destinations.