We brought you a good look at the Final Destination 5 (5nal Destination seems to have gone the way of all things) poster recently and now we can bring you a new one. Well, I say new. What I really mean is a bit the same, just with some red on it and a skewed angle fresh from the set of 1960’s Batman.

Whether a sickle-shaped 5 through the eyes is more or less painful than the rest of what the film has to offer (frankly that laser eye surgery bit from the trailer still makes me feel a bit delicate), we shall see. Episode 5 hits us in the face, 3D-style in August. Since the 3D for episode 4 was actually pretty effective and well-employed, I’m not sure I mind quite so much on this occasion, though I would implore Hollywood to exercise some restraint in the use of 3D. Sometimes, a film can work very well without it. Fancy that.

Source: MovieWeb.

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